Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soul Parents Recipe: Salmon

We like to eat fish at least once a week. Although I can enjoy a fish fry like no other, it is always good to steer clear of frying food too often. With that being said, here is how we season and bake our salmon. It's fast, easy, and it taste good!!

1-2 lbs of Salmon
Lawry's JerkMarinade (We've tried practically all of them. They are ALL good!) **WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH LAWRY'S**

Take a pound of Salmon and score it. Drop some salt and pepper on it. Place your fish in a freezer bag and pour marinade all over it.

Leave it in your fridge 20-30min

Preheat your oven to 425
Depending on the size of your salmon, once you place it in the oven, it will take between 15-25 min to cook.
Make sure its cooked through. I have had the misfortune of cutting into a great looking piece of fish and finding out that it is not be cooked all the way through. Now I appreciate the charred look and purposefully prepare it in that manner! (Well sometimes it's on purpose!!)

For your side veggie:
Get some asparagus and wash it.
Cut/chop garlic into some reaaaaally small chunks.
lightly drip Olive Oil on the asparagus
Drop some salt and pepper on it
Trow it in the oven for the last 10 minutes as you bake the salmon.

*Alternate veggie"
Boil some grean beans for 6 minutes
Steam some broccoli for 8 minutes (or until it is tender enough for your liking)

**Optional white rice
We use 1 cup of basmati and usually have some left over for lunch the next day

Do you have any suggestions as an alternative to something in this recipe?
Do you have a recipe that you suggest

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Share the Goodness

We are very blessed. Although everyone has problems in life (I just spent the evening crying to Jovan over some difficulties I am having at work), we are very lucky people. We both have great careers, we own a nice home and can afford to give our son whatever he needs. We are all healthy and our son is sweet and smart as a whip. We are thankful all year round and make it a point to donate to charity and to take the time to do for those less fortunate than ourselves. I have organized a Thanksgiving food drive this year and regularly donate money to my local no-kill animal shelter. Jovan makes it a point to give blood often and works at a camp for underprivileged youth. We both believe in giving back, not only to help those around us, but as a way to thank the universe for all we've been given.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, giving thanks and giving back is on everyone's mind. Although it should be something we do all the time, I love this time of year because so many people are giving selflessly. Many local stores have boxes at the front filled with donated food and toys. I see folks, even those who don't have much, giving whatever they can. We are still building our family traditions, but I know that service to others will be a part of our Thanksgiving every year. It's important to us for our son to know it's better to give than to receive.

What about you? What are your family's holiday traditions? Do you also make it a point to give of yourselves in some way? Are you already in the giving mood?

In the spirit of the holidays, Dole has created a contest that celebrates family traditions and gives back at the same time. I was recently contacted by Dole about their "Share the Goodness" contest which launched on Nov. 8.

It's as easy as Thanksgiving pie. Just share a fun holiday photo (with a caption describing your family's tradition) to become a part of the virtual DOLE mosaic poster. Then send an eCard to your friends and family, inviting them to see your picture and share their own photos at www.DoleShares.com. The grand prize winner will receive $5,000 and $5,000 will be contributed to their local food bank. If the grand prize winner is a friend you referred, you also win $2,000!

And just for telling you about this contest, Dole has agreed to donate $25 in our names to our local food bank! Now that's some generous giving!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rocketfish Bluetooth Headphones

Recently, I purchased some blue tooth headphones. I have never owned a pair of these before, but I must say they work great!

I went to a Best Buy location and bought the Rocketfish BT High Def Stereo Bluetooth Headphones for $49.99. Here is more info about the company. ( FYI: I do NOT work with or for Rocketfish or any of its affiliates. I paid for these headphones on my own.)

The headphones worked right out of the box. I followed the directions to sync them with my cellphone and I was set.

The sound is really crisp and clear. I was able to use the headphones from about 25 feet away before it started to cut out. The volume is really good! We had a fire drill at my school and I was able to drown out the sound of the alarm as I walked out to the field.

The headphones also worked while I was at the gym on the stairmaster. In my attempt to test-out the headphones, I put my phone in a locker a few feet behind me, and started to work out. The functions all worked successfully. I was able to hear the music clearly, move forward, and reverse through tracks on my cellphone. No cut outs in sound throughout my 30 minute sweat fest. I've gotta admit, it would be really nice to have a "sport" version of the same headphones. A rubberized ear covering would be really great for the gym.

When I went into my car, I was able to make call from the phone before I started driving to pick up our son. I don't think that Elita knew I was using the headset, until I let her know. Usually I use the audio-out feature (ie: plug it into the aux jack) and she voices her disdain for the echo from speakers in my car, so I was glad that the headphones made it sound like I was using the handset.

One thing that I noticed is cut outs while walking. Strangely, if I keep my phone in my pocket and use the head set, it will cut out. If I hold the phone in my hand, there doesn't seem to be the same problem.

I have only owned the headphones for about 2 days, so for now I am giving them a serious SOUL CLAP!

Pros: Great sound. Loud enough to block out a fire alarm and gym noises. Easy syncing with cell. Good directions. Ready to use out of the box

Cons: Sound cuts in and out while the phone is my pocket. Traditional ear covers aren't great for the gym but they will suffice.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Soul Parent Recipe: French Toast

Soul Parent weekend recipe
French toast

A loaf of challah
4 eggs
3 cups milk, almond milk,or soy milk... (I mix soy and almond for a different flavor)
1/2 cup (fat free) french vanilla creamer
Teaspoon salt
1/4 c. applesauce
10 packets splenda or sugar

Slice the challah into 1 inch slices
Beat the eggs in a big bowl with a wisk
Add the milks
Beat it with a wisk

Add the cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, splenda, applesauce

Once again "Beat it" (R.I.P. MJ) with a wisk.

Turn your stove to a temp between medium and high
Heat your skillet/pan

Dip your bread
Fry your bread on each side until golden brown

French Toast
(Wait for it...)

(That's French!)